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EVA Foam Details

EVA foam is easy to use, cheap, and very accessible. To make these elegant designs you can purchase a silicone mold or make one  (another video for another time). Dampen your EVA foam and insert into mold. Allow it to mostly dry- you want it a little damp if you are going to apply this on a non-flat surface. Once pulled from mold you can attach it with your adhesive and apply to your project.

 Where to purchase-

EVA Foam Clay

Silicone Molds

Contact Cement

Custom Lace Front

Using wefts of left over wig hair, you can custom make your own eyebrows for any cosplay or theater costume! Make sure you have your lace, ventilation tools, and wefts- I purchased all mine from amazon!

Where to find

Ventilation Tools


Wig Lace

Wig Maker's Head

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