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Lady Icellina

  With a name given because of my love of winter,

and a Scottish title won from a drinking contest,

I’ve called The North Star State my home for almost

all my life. I’ve been cosplaying for over 20 years (plus

and minus a few gaps) having backgrounds in crafting,

otaku, and performance arts. With an amazing group

of friends and a very supportive family I’ve been able

to blossom into the cosplayer I am now, having went

from Novice to Master Class in only 2 years.

  My favorite thing with cosplay is sewing and all the

details, but that has never stopped me from expanding

into the vast stretches of what cosplay is, IT’S

EVERYTHING! Wig styling, foam building,

electronics, prop making, special effects makeup,

prosthetics,casting, and metal work! No detail is too

great and every challenge is met with enthusiasm and execution!

  I’ve been an award winning cosplayer for only 10 of those years, but nothing is more rewarding than knowing my cosplays will be remembered, something I teach every apprentice while teaching them how to become masters themselves. That is one of my mottos when presenting a cosplay, “Give them something to remember you by”, having presented this in panels about how to be in a masquerade and shine.


 When I'm not building or teaching, I'm making tutorials or writing. First book of the Queen of Exile Series is out now!

Every guest appearance helps me to encourage all cosplayers! Please keep nominating me for your favorite conventions! Thank you and KEEP BUILDING!

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