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Blizzconline 2021 cosplay contest submission

Cydaea (Diablo 3)

Photo Shoot

Progress Photos:

The Inspiration

With Cydaea being such a minor boss in Diablo 3 but such a beautiful character design, I wanted to redo her in one of the most elegant cosplay builds possible. I've seen others and attempted her years ago, but with all the new developments in cosplay materials and techniques, it was time to give this spider queen the crown she deserved. 


5mm EVA Foam

2mm EVA Foam

Aluminum bar

LED light strips

Black Velvet

Gold sequin fabric

Spiderweb Lace 


Corset closure

1.75 mm 3d printer filament

14 gauge wire



PEX piping

Gold wire lights

Plastic mask

Aluminum carpet strip

Zinc plated bar

Battery packs

Motor and gear reduction

12 Volt Battery

16 gauge steel cable


Kamui Cosplay Breastplate pattern

McCalls Ballgown pattern

Progress Photos:

The Headpiece

To make the headpiece I started out with cutting down a full plastic face mask and built on it with 5mm EVA foam. The body of it is freehand shaped EVA foam, with carved details, or eva foam clay details I used with a silicone mold. The mask was then plastidipped, using a foam sponge I was able to pull some of the drying plastidip on the main metal part, giving it the hammered patina look to make it look more like metal than foam. To add to the patina effect I dry brushed gold paint on exposed parts to make it look elegantly aged, but having the bright gold element for contrast.

Progress Photos:

Bodice and Collar