Blizzconline 2021 cosplay contest submission

Cydaea (Diablo 3)

Photo Shoot

Progress Photos:

The Inspiration

With Cydaea being such a minor boss in Diablo 3 but such a beautiful character design, I wanted to redo her in one of the most elegant cosplay builds possible. I've seen others and attempted her years ago, but with all the new developments in cosplay materials and techniques, it was time to give this spider queen the crown she deserved. 


5mm EVA Foam

2mm EVA Foam

Aluminum bar

LED light strips

Black Velvet

Gold sequin fabric

Spiderweb Lace 


Corset closure

1.75 mm 3d printer filament

14 gauge wire



PEX piping

Gold wire lights

Plastic mask

Aluminum carpet strip

Zinc plated bar

Battery packs

Motor and gear reduction

12 Volt Battery

16 gauge steel cable


Kamui Cosplay Breastplate pattern

McCalls Ballgown pattern

Progress Photos:

The Headpiece

To make the headpiece I started out with cutting down a full plastic face mask and built on it with 5mm EVA foam. The body of it is freehand shaped EVA foam, with carved details, or eva foam clay details I used with a silicone mold. The mask was then plastidipped, using a foam sponge I was able to pull some of the drying plastidip on the main metal part, giving it the hammered patina look to make it look more like metal than foam. To add to the patina effect I dry brushed gold paint on exposed parts to make it look elegantly aged, but having the bright gold element for contrast.

Progress Photos:

Bodice and Collar

First off, I could not have done this without the guidance of the amazing Alex Drastal with his knowledge of EVA foam- this is the first piece I've built with it. I used Kamui Cosplay's breastplate template for the start, having to tweak it in size difference, I am a big girl. After making sure it fit right I added corset lacing (one destroyed corset) to the side as the closure. After reinforcing the inside seams with 2mm for peace of mind, I got to the detail pieces. I wanted her to have armor, but I also wanted to make it look like she could get done in battle and hit up a ball afterward, DUAL FUNCTIONALITY! So I added spiderweb details before adding the lights. The white and gold spike parts are light diffusing foam that I etched the spiderweb detail in with a soldering iron, coated in clear flexseal, and airbrushed with gold and brown. The breastplate is coated in a matte seal, and details dry brushed to make it look like old metal. The collar was interesting to make, I was able to find a spiderweb lace table cloth and cut panels out. I pressed 14 gauge steel wire between silk ribbon and hand sewn the panels and top lace in. It's connected to the armor in the back, and secured with good old fashioned hot melt. 

Progress Photos:


Can't be a spider without a set of spider legs, but the weird thin about the whole design is that there are only six legs, I guess with my two human legs under the skirt that makes eight in total? We'll skip formalities for now and get right down to business. The structure is all free hand built. I wanted to make the legs look like actual legs and gave them the right curvature (this took a few tries), after making the two pieces (and one fun tiktok later) I glued the pieces together and added the extra details, 3d printed demon skulls and eva foam clay pieces. Paint, shade and gems finished these space consuming appendages.

Progress Photos:

Sleeves and Teeth

I wanted the sleeves to look as stunning as the skirting, with the use of 3d printed skulls, I was able to wrap them in velvet and attach them to the stretch velvet and  gold sequin sleeves, its topped with foam roses and skewer sticks painted gold and adorned with topaz spiders. 

The teeth were another story, using worbla pellets I was able to form Cydaea's hideous teeth.

Progress Photos:


The skirting was the most expensive part of the cosplay, I loved the design of the ballgown and wanted something similar for Cydaea, luckily I was able to find 6 yards of a very similar fabric. The base is a black velvet that I surged the edges and double folded it for a nice even hem. With the gold fabric I only wanted the edges of the skirting to have the design so I chopped the fabric in half and sewn it to the velvet, letting it drape independently from the black base.

For some of the structure I used a hoopskirt and petticoat  that I had previously used for Marie Antoinette and Queen Eleanor.

Progress Photos: