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Queen of Exile Series

The Queen of Exile Series is an ever growing collection of books I've written over the years, starting with Kingdom of One which sets up the universe that this series takes place in, a magical world with social and political injustices that anyone can interpret their own way. A world where it's been asked, what if steampunk met magic?

Kingdom of One

When Icellina is orphaned following her homestead's siege, she is forced to flee with her family's secrets and hide in a city of magically gifted beings. She doesn’t only have to dodge her own countrymen who labeled her a fugitive, or the vampires, dragons, witches and wizards with a vendetta against her kind; she has to face the corruption that is consuming the enchanted continent. Fresh starts are hard, even harder when you're the only non-magically gifted resident. But to save her few friends, this potion master’s assistant must fight alongside an exiled soldier to stop the Elite from overthrowing the royal family and destroying her new home.

The Burning Crown

The second book in the tale of how path's cross in the fight to save the world from the Elite and the corrupt emperor who controls them. Vaughn and Icellina find themselves in the non-gifted continent as captives of the Emperor who wishes for Icellina's hand and make her the Empress of the Famelian Empire. Meanwhile the magical kingdom of Alexia is in full out war lead by Queen Celeste and her band of gifted misfits. Only they can stop the Elite and nobles that want her dead. The stage is set, the war is on, and the queen is wearing a burning crown.

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