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Guest Judging

Judge- Workmanship- Animinneapolis- 2017

Judge- Workmanship- Anime Fusion-2017

Judge- Workmanship- Animinneapolis- 2019

Judge- CONvergence Hallway contest- 2019

Judge- Workmanship- MetaCon- 2019

Judge- Workmanship- DaishoCon- 2019

Judge- Workmanship- C+A+D Con- 2019

Judge- Workmanship- Anime Detour- 2022

Please always feel free to ask me to judge or guest! I'm always looking forward to meeting new people, and always willing to travel.

Media Coverage, " This Gundam Cosplay is the coolest thing I've seen all weekend", Animinneapolis 2014 Daisho Con 2018

Cosplay Central, 2020

Guest Appearances

Two Pour Bastards- Episode 35 "Cosplay Queen", 2019

 NerdinOut Con- 2021

RamenCon- 2021

Mentions in Music Videos

Make up for Aftertime- Masquerade, 2017


Excel Blades, 2019

Sakura Esports, 2021

Coscom Cosplay Supply, 2021

Please Send all guest/judging inquiries to
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